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Control Panels

TE 1, TE 4, TE 6 TE 8, and TE 9 Type Panels


Convenient and ready-to-connect panels include temperature, power, process, multi-loop, and safety limit controllers. Designed specifically for electric heaters, control panels contain switching devices, fusing, and internal wiring. Our panels may be custom designed to meet your special requirements.


  Cost Effective Reliable Units
  Voltages up to 4000 amps, 600 VAC
  Compatable with a Variety of Materials
  Replaceable Parts
  Solid State Switching

Extra Features:

  Remote Annunciation
  Peak Load and Dual Energy Controls
  Remote Set Point
  Process Variable Retransmission
  Metering and Interfacing Through Wattage, Voltage, or Current Via PLCs




Control Panel

Control Panel Control Panels
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